Enter the Bondi Blue Water Challenge, a fun and exciting ocean swimming event for competitors of all ages and abilities


2018 Results

The 8th Annual Bondi Blue Water Challenge is done and dusted for another year. Congratulations to all our 2018 participants!

2.1 km winners - Women
1st - Elisha Smith (00:22:51)
2nd - Dori Miller (00:22:57)
3rd - Victoria Trost (00:25:57)

2.1 km winners - Men
1st -  John McClelland (00:22:52)
2nd - Talbot Henry (00:22:53)
3rd - Keith McDonald (00:22:58)

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1 km winners - Women
1st - Dori Miller (00:13:10)
2nd - Elisha Smith (00:13:14)
3rd - Maddi Blomberg (00:13:30)

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1 km winners - Men
1st - Logan Kaye (00:11:36)
2nd - Jake Andrews (00:12:23)
3rd - Illya Vashinsky (00:12:48)

4km Beach Fun Run winners - Women
1st - Greta Truscott (00:20:05)
2nd - Kirsty Beattie (00:20:34)
3rd - Dearne Cooper (00:21:05)

4km Beach Fun Run winners - Men
1st - Patty O'Brien (00:19:56)
2nd - Fernando Swett (00:20:14)
3rd - Tim Marcot (00:20:32)

Previous race results

Q&A with Elisha Smith

In 2018, Elisha Smith won the 2.1 km Women’s BBWC swim with a great time of 00:22:51. We spoke with her in the lead up to the 2019 Bondi Blue Water Challenge.

Why is BBWC such a unique event?
It’s good for a traditional club like Bondi to host a swim ever year. It has a big history and that’s pretty special to compete in.

How do you feel coming into BBWC 2019 as the defending champion?
I am hoping to do well once again, I would love to place inside the top 10.

How long have you been training for this event?
I swim most of the year with a small break in winter. When I am training, I am doing 2-3 sessions per week.

Elisha’s top three training tips?

  1. Train consistently

  2. Challenge yourself

  3. Enjoy it!

What is your advice for calming nerves on the day?
Just stay relaxed, don’t overthink it and just enjoy it.

Q&A with John McClelland

Last year John McClelland took out the 2.1 km Men’s BBWC swim in some tough conditions with a time of 00:22:52. We caught up with him heading into this year’s event.

Why is BBWC such a unique event?
I enjoy swimming in the BBWC as it is hosted by the famous Bondi Surf Club, and the course takes you for a journey around Bondi Beach, hopefully there is a wave to catch on the return leg to the beach this year!

How do you feel coming into BBWC 2019 as Men’s 2.1 km swim defending champion?
I don’t think I am at the same fitness level that I was last year (it’s been a long relaxing summer), so I think this year someone else will take the win.

How long have you been training for this event?
After having most of December and all of January off, I have recently returned to training, hopefully some fitness will return by race day.

How long have you been involved with Bondi Surf Club?
I have been swimming the BBWC for the past 4 or 5 years.

John’s top three training tips:

  1. Don’t have the whole summer off

  2. Train with a squad – they push you harder

  3. Swim in both the pool and the ocean

What is your advice for calming nerves on the day?
To calm your nerves, just enjoy the event – have a look around when you are swimming, If you have done some training you will be confident. The more ocean swims you do the more comfortable race day will be.



Bondi Bluewater ocean swim winners set sights on Rio Olympics

THE winners of the Bondi Bluewater Challenge have their eyes on a bigger prize after the gruelling 2.1km ocean swim on Sunday.

Tom Montgomery and Samantha Watts are vying for selection in the Australian open water swim team to compete at the Rio Olympic Games next year.

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Women lead the way in Bondi Bluewater ocean swim

Two women stole the limelight in the two Bondi Bluewater Challenge ocean swims, which were staged under testing conditions on Sunday.

Andrea Miller, swimming in the 30-34 years age group, convincingly clocked the women’s fastest times in both the 1km and 2.1km races that were staged an hour apart in a tricky and lumpy surf.

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